Water Treatment Chemicals: A Guide for Industries

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Water treatment is essential in industry. It ensures that water used in industrial processes is safe for its intended use. At Comal Chemical, we like to give our clients as many insights into their water treatment chemicals as possible. This guide demystifies these chemicals by explaining how the chemicals are used and why they are crucial to the process.

Water Treatment Chemicals: A Guide for Industries

  • Chlorine. This is one of the most-used water treatment chemicals. It kills bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms. Chlorine effectively improves water’s microbial safety in the pharmaceutical industry and food and beverage production. The drawback is that chlorine levels must be monitored frequently to maintain water safety standards.
  • Alum. Alum or aluminum sulfate is a coagulant that removes suspended particles from water by causing them to clump together and settle out. This process is needed most in textile and paper manufacturing, where water clarity and purity matter.
  • Sodium Hydroxide. These water treatment chemicals help with pH regulation. Also known as caustic soda, sodium hydroxide adjusts water pH to prevent corrosion in pipes and machinery and help other water treatment chemicals work better.
  • Descalers. These prevent scale formation, which can clog pipes and reduce the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. These chemicals are essential in metal processing and power generation, where water is heated or cooled extensively.
  • Activated Carbon. Activated carbon removes organic compounds and contaminants from water, improving its smell, taste, and color. This is crucial in the beverage industry, where water appearance and purity are important.

We understand these water treatment chemicals and their distinct uses. We can supply them to your business and provide support on how to use them. By leveraging these chemicals, industries can ensure water quality, comply with regulations, and safeguard equipment. If you need wastewater treatment chemicals, contact us.